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The Crazy Girls Monument was created by artist Michael Conine.
It was unveiled May 13th 1997 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
Las Vegas, Nevada.

On these pages I try to explain how the sculpture was made.
Check Herefor links to news coverage about the Sculpture.

To learn more about the art of lifecasting and the work of Michael Conine please visit the
"Lifecast Sculpture of Michael Conine" site.

Here I am on stage with the cast of the Crazy Girls.
The show is performed at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It should be obvious from the photo above that the Crazy Girls are not only talented but very beautiful too. This fact made me question what their reaction would be when I explained what I had in mind for them! The process of making lifecast molds is messy and can take some time to complete. Add to this the fact that it was as hot as 114 outside and the studio was not very well cooled. I thought at least one of the girls would complain. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Everyone was willing to do what ever it took to get the sculpture done and we had fun on top of that! The following picture shows how I wrapped their heads in plastic to do the top part of their bodies. They had to model 3 at a time so that their crossed arms could be included.

After the molds were made, they had to be cast in plaster. Here I am mixing one of the many batches of plaster used. In all I used almost 400 pounds of plaster.

Here I am casting one of the molds. The plaster is "flicked" into the mold so that all the detail is picked up.

After all the molds were made and cast it was time to return to Santa Fe to start the work of converting the sculpture from 22 plaster pieces into a bronze. Here is a picture of some of the plaster pieces on the floor after unloading them.

After working on the plaster for a couple of months in my studio at home the pieces were taken to Shidoni Foundry north of Santa Fe. Hair was added in clay and molds were made which were used to create wax castings. The finished sculpture is on display in front of the Riviera Hotel right on the "strip". It is the largest (nearly 1 ton!) lifecast sculpture in Las Vegas.

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If you would like more information about me or my sculpture email mehere.

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